Enlightening Consultation with FLO Consultant

If you didn’t know already, by signing up to receive emails at floliving.com, you gain access to a free 30 minute consultation with one of their representatives about your symptoms and important first steps. I just had mine last night, and I am so glad I did! Going into it, I was convinced that I was estrogen dominant. Here is what I learned (be warned, I will try not to get too graphic, but boys may want to turn back here).

  • The 4 day hormone detox plan that they describe on their website is NOT how you should start your healing journey. Doing the plan with frazzled adrenals (which is like 95% of the population btw) will only make the problem worse. I’m glad that I listened to my body and started eating more food on the second day when it got too hard!
  • After describing my menstrual cycle to the consultant, she came to the conclusion that I am actually low on estrogen, instead of estrogen dominant. She came to this conclusion because my flow was really light and because it only lasts 2-3 days. She also came to the conclusion that I am low in progesterone since I have a day or two of a more ‘brown’ flow at the end of my cycle. Symptoms of high estrogen, such as mood swings, cramps, and acne, can also be symptoms of low estrogen because they are also caused by adrenal fatigue (adrenal fatigue (and symptoms) > low estrogen). She said the #1 thing I should work on is my adrenal fatigue, by cutting out stress, and keeping fats and proteins high. I also am going to take a supplement called Adrenal Optimizer by Jarrow that they recommend due to it having a lot of good adaptogenic herbs in it.
  • Since my monthly cycle is shorter than 26 days (my cycle has been 23-24 days for the past couple of cycles), that is indicative of hypothydroidism brought on by adrenal fatigue. The good news is that by fixing my adrenal fatigue, I will be able to fix my hypothyroidism at the same time.
  • She definitely thought it was good that I eat well, but noted that my acne on my back is probably primarily due to digestive stress. I eat a lot of raw vegetables, so she recommended that I try to eat more cooked vegetables where the nutrients are more available. She also noted that my food sensitivities are a result of my adrenals being fried (again), so once I get those under control (by eating more cooked veggies, practicing light exercise, sleeping, and supplementing well), my sensitivities will go away!

I was definitely grateful for her consultation, and the most important take away is that I am on the right path, and that I should try to stop stressing about it. I was a little overwhelmed by the news last night, but I feel more at peace about it today. I brought in my yoga gloves so that I can do a few sun salutations throughout the day, and I have plans to increase my cooked veggies after I finish off all of the salads I have in place right now. I also am thinking of making myself some eggs in the morning on the weekends instead of a smoothie to get a little more healthy protein and fat in my diet.

Thanks for reading, and give FLO living a look if you are a lady!


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