Results of Thanksgiving planning!

How well did my plan end up working? Let’s review the pro’s and con’s:


  • By preparing food ahead of time, and eating lunch a couple of hours before thanksgiving dinner, I was able to minimize the damage done on Thanksgiving during the thanksgiving meal! I just had some turkey, green beans, and some sweet potato and I was full!
  • I had a few days off to relax and rest for a long weekend!
  • I saw my mom’s family (whom I strongly dislike and who stress me out) this year, which means next year I get to spend Thanksgiving with my dad’s family, which I genuinely love!
  • The holiday season is beginning, so I’m feeling generous and very happy!


  • I hate my mother’s family, and they stressed me out so thoroughly that I ordered pizza thanksgiving night
  • So much traveling = so much sitting
  • So much resting = so much sitting
  • Everybody and their brother wanted to see me, which meant a lot of eating out. Despite my best efforts, I did eat carbs (french fries *gasp!*) a couple of times for dinner, which left me feeling hung over the next morning. Seriously. Hung over.
  • Due simply to the richness of the food and me not managing my blood sugar well, I’ve gotten myself a little out of whack. I’ve been craving desserts a little too much, so I need to get myself back on track.

I think my plan worked, but unfortunately, there were some elements out of my control, like my wonderful boyfriend snoring and doing aerobics in his sleep because he had a single beer. After a few days, I think I’ve finally been able to catch up on sleep, which was another issue. There was pretty much a 4 day period where it was impossible to share a bed with my boyfriend. We figured out the issue (when he drinks a beer before bed), but I had to do some serious catching up on sleep. I also am pretty sure that I would have been a lot less stressed out and stress eating if I had actually been able to sleep those nights.

I hope your holidays were great! Thanks for reading, and stay healthy!


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