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Whole 30 – This Seems Impossible

Welp. I’ve already blown my latest whole 30 Challenge.

For some reason, this time around, it was impossible for me to stick to my typical low carb diet. I don’t think my candida fighting supplements were helping me, and I was just completely overrun by candida (my whole tongue is covered in thrush every morning, and I have really bad sugar cravings all of the time). I haven’t experienced cravings this strong in a really long time.

So, I have a new game plan. Unfortunately, this means that I am going to have to go in a more extreme direction.

I’ve talked it over with Sylvia and she has agreed to start a 21 Day Sugar Detox challenge with me next Thursday (21 days before Thanksgiving). At her recommendation, I have ordered the 21 day sugar Detox Cookbook, since it covers the basic program but has more enticing recipes. It should be here in a couple of days, so I hope to use the full week to figure out which recipes I want to try and which ones I want to skip. Going into this challenge, I’d like to have at least a full week’s worth of food cooked and either frozen or canned, so when I’m in the worst of my cravings, I’m not tempted to cheat to avoid cooking (which is my typical reason for cheating).

On top of doing a Sugar detox (which, when done right, really helps kill the candida), I am going to be doing a combination of two herbal cleanses (both by Nature’s Sunshine): Para Cleanse (for yeast and parasites), and Candida Clear. Para cleanse is a three step cleanse: 10 days on, 10 days off, 10 days on again. Candida Clear is just 14 days on. In addition to these supplements, I will be taking a probiotic (at least 50 billion CFU/day), my herbal enzyme formula, and my stomach acid supplement. So, technically, because the Para Cleanse is a 30 day program, my 21 day sugar detox will be more like a 30 day sugar detox. At this point though, I cannot allow myself even a little bit of what I would potentially binge on (*ahem* potato chips). For the purposes of this program, potatoes are poison to me.

It’s terrible, but I feel like as we enter the thanksgiving/holiday season, I will feel more free with a more strict diet. I’m hoping that the combination of this diet and the herbal supplements will finally bring my candida in check and free me. It is so frustrating to get so close and fail, over and over again. But I don’t want to give up. If being free from these cravings will allow me to feel as good as I once did again, then it is worth it to give this challenge my all!

This week, I will be getting all of my ducks in a row for next week, but I plan to spend pretty much every evening this week getting food ready for the challenge. I’ll check back in next week before the challenge begins! Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading, and stay healthy, friends!


Whole 30 – Round 2, Day 9

A really mysterious thing happened yesterday: I was instantly done with detoxing.

Let me back up a bit.

I am a 90 year old in a young persons body. I wake up early, I go to bed early. If I stay up too late, say, past midnight, I get cranky and literally get a hangover.

At the same time, last Saturday, I went to a haunted house with a few friends and had a BLAST! We stayed up late, and I was exhausted and cranky by the time I rolled into my apartment around 2:30 AM.

I woke up the next day feeling really ill. I had a headache, I was still tired, I was nauseous and achy and bloated and gross. I did my due diligence and made some homemade soup, and tried to eat well (when I’m sick, I eat ALL of the potato chips, which I did this time too… whoops). I ended up eating so many potato chips that I fasted for the rest of the day after around 2pm, just drinking lots of water and skipping dinner. I went to bed early and was OUT.

Then, I woke up. And I’d lost 3 pounds overnight and felt great!

What the heck? Not that I’m complaining!

It just goes to show how important a good nights sleep is! The fasting didn’t hurt either!

Both yesterday and today are supposed to be ‘my pants are tighter‘ days, but I’m counting myself lucky that I hit that phase a couple of days early. If I had to guess, I’m in the ‘hardest days’ phase. Despite my recent indulgence in potato chips, the fact of the matter is that I’m hosting for my monthly visitor and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY CHOCOLATE PLEASE. Probably not the best timing, starting my Whole 30 so that I’d be dealing with cravings right when I’m at the hardest part of Whole 30. But at the same time, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. If I can make it for the next couple of days, I should be golden!!

I’m feeling a little worse for the wear today compared to yesterday, but that is mostly because I tried a new yoga studio last night and aggravated my back a bit. I’m seeing my chiropractor today, so hopefully he will be able to tell me that I just used my muscles in a weird way, and there isn’t something wrong with my spine. The muscle soreness had been getting a lot better over the weekend, so I have a feeling that I just twinged it in my sleep initially and it’s taking a little while to heal.

Other than my back, though, I slept great and got a lot done yesterday! *pats back and feels accomplished*

Thanks for reading everyone, and good luck with your Whole 30 challenge!

Whole 30 – Round 2, Day 4

According to the schedule, I have made it past the ‘Hangover’ phase and am now in the ‘Kill all of the things’ phase.

But, I really don’t feel like killing all of the things, which is good 🙂

Today, I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. On day 2, I felt like I was hit by a truck. On day 3, I LOOKED like I was hit by a truck. But today, I feel and look a lot better!

My only problem is some back pain that I am experiencing, and the source of the pain is a mystery. It started the morning of day 2, was the same yesterday, but got about twice as bad this morning. I did move some heavy things around yesterday, and played racketball, which could have aggravated it, but I didn’t do anything to originate it on day 1 or night 1.

The only thing I can think of that started it was maybe I slept on my back funny that night and pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle. It feels like a muscle ache right above both butt cheeks, but it could be something more. I am going to try to get an appointment with my chiropractor today to have it checked out, but if I can’t get in, I know that I have an appointment already scheduled with him on Tuesday. In the meantime, I’m managing the pain by:

  • Standing at my desk – I’ve noticed it mostly hurts when I’m sitting
  • Practicing good posture – lining up my hips over my knees and ankles, and untucking my hips.
  • Taking frequent walking breaks
  • Using a microwave heating pad
  • Drinking lots and lots of fluids – on the off chance that this is something kidney related
  • Eating healthy food
  • I also plan on going for a nice long walk when I get home to get some blood pumping and my muscles moving!

Though I did ‘kinda’ cheat a little last night by having dried cherries and candied walnuts on my salad at a restaurant I went to with my dad, I’m feeling really good today. I’m going to monitor how I feel tomorrow to see if I get a hangover again for that small cheat.

I’m excited going into this weekend! Tonight and tomorrow, I’m going to get the apartment spick and span (I always feel so accomplished when I clean!), and then I’m going to go over to my best friend’s house for board games and then a haunted house!! I’m going to cook a bunch of protein and the like up tonight so that I can bring food with me and will be less tempted to eat junk food (my bestie, Sylvia, as you know, is also a health food nut, but her new husband is a little slower to get on the bandwagon). Then, on Sunday, I have some time to relax and get some gardening done (pulling up my carrots and getting rid of my dead tomato plants). And, hopefully, I will have some time to spend with my boyfriend on sunday too 😀

I’m hoping this back pain isn’t something serious, and it probably isn’t, but it is important to note that seeing a health professional when you notice something weird is very important!!

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope the hardest part of the Whole 30 challenge is behind me (fortunately I ate well for the most part when I wasn’t whole 30 so I didn’t have AS MUCH cleaning up to do  as I would if I’d been eating a lot of junk!). Stay healthy, friends, and give the Whole 30 challenge a try with me!

Whole 30 – Round 2, Day 2

I’m not sure if this round of the Whole 30 challenge is easier or harder than the first one. The good news it that my body hasn’t been completely broken by a week’s worth of drunken, potato-chippen tirades. That being said, last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to a bed and breakfast for a romantic weekend away in which I ate 3 things I don’t normally eat: dairy (LOTS of cheese, butter, cream), alcohol (3 glasses of wine in total), and SUGAR (creme brulee, so good).

One of the best things about eating a paleo diet, and forming these good eating habits is that maintaining my weight is effortless. So, once I know that I’ve gained 5 pounds, I know exactly what I need to do to get back to my maintenance weight and stay there (as long as temptations don’t abound). I’d been pushing off my second round of Whole 30 for a few weeks longer than anticipated, so after this past weekend, the gig was up.

Today, on Day 2, I am experiencing:

  • Horrible nights sleep
  • Exhaustion
  • Headaches
  • “Fat Face” – Even though my face doesn’t look fatter, I feel like my face is swollen
  • Extreme Body Odor
  • Lower Back pain (probably due to poor nights sleep)
  • Tooth Pain – either from sugar/alcohol secreting through my teeth with the dentin (yep, that happens), or from clenching my jaw due to stress

Pretty much par for the course. Still, it sucks.

According to this handy Whole 30 Timeline, I’m in the ‘Hangover’ phase, and it only is going to get better from here (note my sarcasm). I think what really sucks the most is that it only takes eating poorly here or there, probably only 20% of the time, to make me feel THIS crappy. I mean, when I ate like that all of the time, I didn’t feel ‘great’, and I had a lot of excess weight, but I didn’t have constant ‘hangover’ like feelings of unwellness and torture. I suppose this is just part of becoming an adult, and my body not being able to handle the stress it could when I was 20, but it pretty much blows.

This time, though, I’m going to kick my whole 30 up a notch! And by kicking it up a notch, I mean taking my salt DOWN several notches. I am a salt kid. I love salt. I salt the crap out of everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if I consume upwards of 6-8000 mg of sodium a day, and despite that being not ideal in general, I noticed an interesting phenomena:

Salt makes you eat more.

Take for example pistachios. The so salty your lips start to crack variety. They taste so good to me that I would regularly eat a full cup (in two half cup servings) of them on top of my lunch at work.

On a whim, I purchased the 50% less salt kind and brought them to work. I poured myself a half cup serving, and started cracking away. At the end of the half cup, I noticed that I DIDN’T want another half cup of those nuts. By reducing sodium by half, I reduced what I ate by half.

I don’t want to go hyper low sodium, don’t get me wrong, but I want to start by not salting my meats. I SALT them when I salt them, like can barely taste the meat anymore. So, by cutting out any salting that I would do of my meats, I am cutting my salt intake in half right about there!

As a scientist at heart, I had to do an experiment on this, to see if salt was what was holding back from breaking my fat loss plateau.

I’m making plans to reduce my sodium intake, and here are some places where I hope to reduce sodium:

  • Don’t salt meats
  • Keep eating raw foods
  • Purchase lower sodium or salt free nuts/seeds
  • Avoid high salt foods, like potato chips and restaurant fare

Exceptions to the rule:

  • I must put some salt in my homemade soups – otherwise they are super bland and virtually inedible to me. It is worth the slight bump in sodium in order to get all of the goodness of homemade bone broth soup
  • I also must salt my homemade pasta sauces a little. I will keep the sauce low salt, but pasta sauce is what I use when I really need a bump in flavor.
  • I will use commercially made salsa (as long as there are no artificial ingredients or sugar) and taco seasoning. Taco salad is my go-to healthy comfort food. I need something to fall back on if I am just hating the Whole 30 plan.

This is going to be really hard for me, but I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this! Thanks for reading, and stay healthy everyone!

Whole 30 Results – and Round 2!

Hey everyone! I’m nearing the end of my whole 30 challenge (in which I was human and did occasionally slip a little), and I wanted to share my results! Unfortunately, I used a different measurement tape for my before and after measurements, so it looks like I actually GAINED mass, but I did lose a couple of pounds, and most of my results are not measurement related!

Quantitative results:

Weight: 172.8 (-1.4)

Waist: 32.5 (-1)

Hips: 42.25 (+0.25)

Bust: 38 (+0.25)

Under bust: 33.5 (+0.25)

Body fat %: 35.24% (-1.17%)

Fat weight: 60.90 (-2.54)

Lean weight: 111.90 (+1.14)

Overall, I definitely look significantly better from when I started, and my clothes fit me much better, so I know it must be that I used a new measurement tape.

Qualitative Results:

I didn’t have time to take ‘After photos’ this morning, so I will try to take them tomorrow, because I truly look so much healthier. A lot of the swelling has gone down in my face and abdomen!

I also feel a lot better. Since I’ve been making more of an effort to chew my food thoroughly, I’ve noticed that my digestion is so much better. As long as I sleep well, I feel great in the morning, and strangely, I very rarely actually experience hunger pangs.

As a matter of fact, I had to fast until noon to take my bloodwork for my annual physical. Not once from 6:30 AM to noon and after would I say I was ‘hungry’ in the traditional sense. I even was around delicious smelling bagels that my coworkers were eating, and though I wanted to eat them for the delicious nostalgia, they were easy to resist because my stomach wasn’t rumbling!

Also, I’ve been drinking my green smoothies in the morning without liquid stevia to sweeten it, since Whole 30 says to cut out all sweeteners, even natural ones. Yesterday, I accidentally put a little stevia in my shake out of habit, and when I drank it, it was TOO SWEET!! Almost disgustingly sweet! I’m pretty sure I put in as much as I ordinarily would, but I was very put off by the sweetness. Weird!

Over the course of the Whole 30 challenge, though, I was under considerable physical and emotional stress. In summary:

  • My ileocecal valve was stuck in the open position, allowing contents from my large intestine to go back up into my small intestine and cause bloating and inflammation.
    • Since correcting this manually, removing troublesome foods, and taking a probiotic, the swelling is almost completely gone. My abdomen is still a little tender, but I am confident that it will heal over the course of the next couple of months!
  • I had to take care of the repairs for my new car and the sale of my old car.
    • Suffice it to say those were both stressful, but they are over
  • I had to find a place to live with my boyfriend.
    • It took two weeks of stressful searching, but we eventually decided just to have him move in to my current apartment.
  • My boyfriend moved into my apartment
    • And my sleep went right out the window. It’s been quite an adjustment, but we’re doing well all things considered
  • My best friend got married, which meant bachelorette party and wedding bad food.
    • I can’t even begin to describe how stressful this was. No sleep, dealing with crowds, dealing with fussy relatives, dealing with a bride who was essentially a zombie, and having no food that I can eat pretty much sums it up. At least it is over, and lesson learned – I will be eloping when the time comes! There is no way I’m putting myself through that kind of torture!
  • My job was incredibly stressful
    • I can’t go into it, but this was seriously the main stressor during the entirety of the above problems.
  • My mom sold her childhood home and moved.
    • This wasn’t too stress
  • All of this stress would be nothing if I could actually handle my stress. It became abundantly clear to me that I never learned how to let things go, and I made so many mountains out of molehills during this challenge

At this point, my life and schedule have cleared up significantly. I don’t have any more stressful things on my plate for a while, and for the most part, things have calmed down at work. I don’t have any gatherings where I won’t be able to control what I eat in my near future, and I’ve definitely gotten back into the habit of cooking everything from scratch again.

So! I want to do another Whole 30 challenge and see how it goes! One particular area of focus that I want to improve on is my physical activity. Unfortunately, it has become really clear that most of the workouts that I love to do, like dancing and HIIT, will aggravate my hiatal hernia, so I should steer clear of them. Instead, I am going to try to do yoga for fitness and relaxation! Also, I want to try to play racketball as much as possible, since that is fun for me and I don’t even realize I’m working out! I’d like to start with 3 workouts a week and try to move up from there.

Wish me luck on my second challenge! I just went in for my annual physical, so I plan to write a post about how paleo food and lifestyle affected my bloodwork!

Thanks for reading, and stay healthy, friends!

Whole 30 is going… okay?

I’m officially entering my second week of my personal ‘whole 30’ challenge, in which I am cutting out the crap and keeping in the good stuff. So, to make this past week’s events a little more readable, I’m going to break them down into categories.


The Whole 30 diet is ‘simple’ to follow, but not necessarily ‘easy.’ That being said, I’m trying to find balance in my carb intake. Normally, I can eat a very low carb paleo diet, and not really crave carbs at all. I don’t know if these cravings are coming from my candida infection or if I genuinely need them to detox my system. It seems like the cravings are sleeper cells where I’m fine eating low carb for a few days and then WHAM I find myself making 2 large sweet potatoes’ worth of sweet potato fries (in healthy oils, of course).

I’ve also been finding that I have an absurdly strong craving for avocados, like ALL of the time. But weirdly, avocados by themselves still don’t really appeal to me taste-wise. So, I’ve been eating a TON of guacamole, and my cravings almost always manifest as a need for a Chipotle salad with lots of guac. I know avocados are great for you, so I gave into these cravings realizing that my body must need something in the avocados. But the cravings got me curious – what is in avocados that I need so badly? Turns out, Avocados are really high in Vitamin K, which is typically found in dairy (which I don’t consume). Also, because vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin, and avocados are loaded with healthy fats, they are the perfect vessel for vitamin K assimilation! Also, avocados are rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other trace minerals that I’m probably deficient in!

I have had a few cheats though, typically in the form of potato chips, as well as I am trying to figure out if I have an egg sensitivity. More experiments on myself are in order! I also spent some time to make up a whole bunch of homemade, sugar free pasta sauce that I can use to make all kinds of zoodles!

My portions are also still very wacky (sometimes okay size, sometimes  waaaaay too much food), and I’m having a difficult time nailing them down. That is something I definitely want to focus on this week if I can.


Detoxing has not been easy. In fact, it has been the worst it’s been in a very long time. My skin is breaking out, I’m still bloated and inflamed, and my emotional state has been ALL OVER THE PLACE. Granted, a lot of things always seem to go wrong at once at the worst possible time (i.e. now), so I’ve had a lot of additional stresses on my plate that I’m not used to. Now that a couple of them have been taken care of, I’m hoping that I will be less of an emotional wreck this week than I was last week. Seriously, there was a lot of spiraling out of control, and I’m just grateful that I didn’t say or do anything irreversible that I regret. Fortunately, it manifested as me just being whiny and mopey for a few days – irritatingly so, but at least I didn’t hulk out!

I’ve been trying to take regular detox baths to help my skin and pull out toxins. These seem to be helping a bit, but not as much as I’d like, which leads to the next topic:


Last week, I was pretty busy running around trying to get things done, so I didn’t have time for workouts and relied mostly on baths to detox and relax some stress away. It became pretty clear this past weekend that that wasn’t going to be enough sweating to get this crap out. So, I pushed myself pretty hard and worked out last Thursday with a game of racketball, and on Sunday with the Core Speed DVD from Focus T25 (one of my favorites!). I had a great time doing the Core Speed DVD and am going to try to make sure I do something physical at least three times a week. I’m planning to do a yoga DVD tonight, since the Core Speed DVD left me pretty sore and I need to stretch!


I visited my naturopath on day 3 of my challenge and we decided to switch things up after being on the same regimen of stomach acid supplements, enzymes, and probiotics designed to fight candida for about 7 months. It became clear that my candida infection was not going away with these probiotics anymore, and since I was still on such a high level of stomach acid and not feeling any warming sensations, there was another deeper problem.

I am now taking a supplement to restore my gut lining, since that is probably contributing to my systemic candida infection. I am also taking an herbal yeast detox instead of a probiotic one, as well as the strongest enzyme formula she has to help me better digest food. I’m hoping that eating right and taking these supplements heals my gut lining and makes the candida go away!!!!

This week

This week, I’m going to try to focus on:

  • Portion control
  • Determining a good carb balance
  • working out 3 times and sweating
  • Keep eating cleanly
  • Sleep
  • Reduce as much stress as possible
  • Yoga to rein in emotional turmoil

Thank you for reading everyone! Stay healthy, friends, and good luck with your whole 30 challenges!

Whole 30 So Far… and a Ninja Mosquito

I’m going to say that my official start date for the Whole 30 program was this past Sunday, August 16th. Up until then, I was eating about 80% whole 30, with the other 20% being me consuming the last bits of sausage with sugar, and enjoying one last night out before going whole 30 (still gluten and dairy free, though not soy or added sugar free, I’m sure).

These past couple of days have been really tough, and not all in a diet sense. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life of late: bought a new car (that turned out to have a scratch on the dashboard, so I’ve been running all over the place trying to get them to fix it), trying to sell my old car, and trying to find a place for me and my boyfriend to live. The last one has been giving me the most stress, with the first one being a very close second. But my car story is a whole other story for another time, if I can ever get past the rage long enough to blog about it.

My boy and I were hoping to find a place outside of an apartment complex: leases tend to be more personal and flexible, and you can often get more for your money. Which means Craigslist. And a couple of weeks of searching and calling and emailing and visiting. It wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t only two types of people on craigslist: ones with nice units who are really rude, or ones with undesirable units who will do anything to get you to sign a lease. So, trying to talk with these people was proving to be nearly impossible.

On top of that, my body is detoxing like crazy – and it’s really overwhelming all at once. My chest is breaking out in welts, my emotional state has been all over the place, and at some point last week, I accidentally ate something to bring back the worst cramping IBS I’ve had in a long time. It was so bad that I could barely sit for a day, and even laughing hurt my intestines.

To top everything off, I have a ninja mosquito in my apartment. I woke up last week with 3 or 4 “bites” of some kind that itched like crazy. I thought it might be bed bugs, but I could find no sign of them. Then, after getting 3 more the next night (most being on my feet/ankles), I thought it might be fleas. Did a flea test, no fleas.

Before going Primal, I was a mosquito magnet. Having me nearby was better than Deet, because they would always go for me instead of anywhere near me. And the bites ITCH. They itch so bad that I can’t sleep half of the time.

But, since going Primal, mosquitoes don’t like me anymore. I went to an outdoor wedding in June without any bug spray and left tick free and with only one mosquito bite. So, when these bites started showing up (in places that I typically keep under the covers at night), I dismissed the mosquito idea thinking that it was impossible.

I wasn’t thinking about NINJA mosquitoes though.

Since then, I’ve seen the elusive mosquito once. And I’ve gotten FOURTEEN MORE BITES. At this point, it is basically a case of patchy poison ivy all over my legs. Yesterday, I broke down and bought some natural bug repellent, so that I COULD WEAR IT IN MY OWN DARN HOUSE. But, despite this, and the sleepless nights that little f***** has caused (pardon my censored French), I think the bug spray worked, and today is the first time in a week that I didn’t wake up with at least two new bites!

Yesterday, everything came to a head. I’ve learned that food controls my emotions before, since shortly after I cheat, I tend to have a breakdown of some kind. Knowing the cause of the breakdown helps me rein it in a little bit, but when these episodes happen, the logical side of my brain goes out the window, and I just fixate on things. Like the mosquito, and like the housing situation. I just could not let it go. Which really sucks because it is very difficult to focus at work on those days, and it seems like everything is kind of spiraling out of control.

Last night, my boyfriend and I discussed the housing situation and what it was doing to us and decided to drastically simplify the situation. My current apartment is right next to his job, and provides me with a great commute to my job, but I’d have to get rid of some of my furniture to make room for his things (not a problem, and I was planning on getting rid of a lot of things anyway). However, it is more expensive because it is with an apartment complex, so utilities are thrown in. There is also another option in which we would be renting a married couple’s HUGE basement for a very reasonable price, but they aren’t sure they want a couple renting the place, so they’re waiting to see if anything else pops up before renting us the place. So, to simplify everything, we agreed that right now, our plan is to keep renting my apartment. If the basement is offered to us, we will take that. Which means no more hunting around on Craigslist and a huge weight off of my shoulders.

Once the problem that is causing me to have a breakdown is over, it’s like it never happened. I immediately regain control of my emotions and everything is cool. But I don’t like that I could fly off the handle at any moment, so I’m going to speak with my naturopath about it today. But, I have a feeling that at the end of the Whole 30, I will feel so ridiculously amazing that it will really help me stick to that way of eating! As long as I don’t cheat, no breakdowns!

Thanks for reading my rant! Stay healthy, friends!

I need a Whole 30 Challenge

It’s been a long (but good!) few weeks, but I’ve been on both of my summer vacations, and it’s time to get back into the swing of things! In between my vacations, I wasn’t feeling so great. I had this persistent nausea, wasn’t sleeping well, and generally wasn’t up to snuff. I mentioned these symptoms to my naturopath, and she knew I was having difficulty recovering from the heavy foods (and carbs!) of my first vacation. She was right! I felt like my control had waned, and I went from eating well 90-100% of the time to eating well 50-60% of the time, and I was definitely feeling the repercussions. But, even though I knew what was wrong, I also knew that I was about to go on another vacation, so I planned to get back on track as soon as I got home.

What better way to do that than a Whole 30 challenge?

For those not familiar with the challenge, it is very similar to the way I am used to eating: no grains, added sugars, dairy, legumes, etc. Basically paleo except it does allow for some safer starches for those who don’t do well on a low carb diet. Doing a quick google search of Whole 30 will result in massive quantities of recipes, tips, and tricks. Where I am going to struggle on this diet is the lack of even plant based artificial sweeteners, including my beloved liquid stevia. My stevia transforms my morning smoothie from a bland, bitter green smoothie, to a chocolate delight, and it is going to take some getting used to the bitterness first thing in the morning.

Though I haven’t officially started yet (mostly due to the remaining pastured sausage in my fridge with a little sugar added), I’m trying to get used to my bitter morning smoothie, and 3 days in, it’s definitely less cringe-worthy. Also, after talking with my brother at the beach, I definitely want to work my way toward going to a Muay Thai Boxing Gym in my area. I’ve been to boxing gyms in the past and loved the intensity of the workouts, so, I’d like to see what happens to my body once I go to a boxing gym AND eat right!

Most importantly, in keeping with the Whole 30 program, I am going to take before measurements and after measurements, but NOT in between measurements!

I’ve already taken ‘post-vacation’ measurements and pictures (gained 1.5 in in my waist *gasp!*), and I will take ‘pre Whole 30’ measurements once I get through this sausage (in a few days). Then, it’s GAME ON!

Wish me luck, and thanks for reading! Stay healthy, friends!