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Holidays Round Two

So, this is the second year that I have been entering the holidays while being on a gluten free diet, and, so far, it is SO much easier than last year. Here’s why:

  • I’ve learned what foods make me sick, so it is easier to avoid them because I know that they will make me sick
  • I’ve gotten really good at cooking ahead of time, so I can go into the holiday meals with food already prepared. Trust me, it is nearly impossible to eat right when the only gluten free option for breakfast is potato chips. Lesson learned!
  • My family has been more exposed to the fact that I eat differently than they do, and are more accepting. They often will go out of their way to make food that I can eat, or at least they aren’t offended when I bring my own food.
  • The past couple of weeks, I’ve been eliminating cravings and leveling out my blood sugar to help resist foods that look and taste good, but ultimately make me sick.
  • I’ve been getting better at eliminating toxins from my body and detoxing to get myself back to health post holiday meal!
  • Healthy foods just TASTE better 🙂 It’s easier to get pumped about meals that are high in fiber and veggies and protein because I know they will taste great and make me feel great!

The biggest change is my mindset. Last year, the holidays were about the food traditions – cookies, banana nut bread, stuffing, etc. All things that I couldn’t eat. It was really hard. But this year, when I see those things, they look and smell good, but I know that they will make me really sick. That helps considerably when it comes to avoiding them! I can now actually bake my boyfriend two trays full of cookies and not be tempted by them. That is power!!

My biggest strategy this year:

  1. Eat a large breakfast on Thanksgiving
  2. Eat a good sized lunch with protein and fat to sustain me until the meal around 3 or 4.
  3. Bring my own carb and veggie sides, but enjoy the protein and whatever sides I can eat with everyone else!
    1. If I eat a few hours before the meal, it should be much easier to no overdo it
  4. In the evening around dinnertime, have a small snack of nuts to sustain me through until the morning.

Knowing my greatest weakness is the greatest key to overcoming it. Whenever I am faced with a situation in which everyone else is eating, but I can’t eat, I start to panic. Hunger sets in and I find myself eating things I wouldn’t normally eat (like potato chips) because I feel like if I don’t eat, then I will surely starve to death. I also feel left out while everyone else around me is making ‘yummy’ noises and eating food that looks and smells delicious.

Therefore, to combat this weakness, the solution is simple: bring my own food. Every time I attend a holiday gathering, I will bring at least one meal’s worth of food. That way, I will always have something healthy and delicious to munch on and enjoy while surrounded by family.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and thanks for reading!