Candida Die-Off = Painful Urination?

Yeah, I’ve been having some weird symptoms over the past few days after increasing my probiotic that is targeted toward fighting candida. I wanted to wait until I heard from my naturopath before writing about it here. Here’s how my mornings have gone (apologies if this is TMI!):

  • Wake up
  • First pee smells AWFUL. Like slightly rotting meat, and strong
  • For the next few hours, whenever I pee, it hurts and smells (which makes me smell like bad urine, because no matter how thoroughly I wipe, I still smell). I also feel kind of hot/feverish/uneasy
  • Then, after drinking TONS of water to try to flush my system out, the pain slowly fades away until I’m just dealing with stinky pee.
  • Repeat the next morning.

I’ve had enough UTIs to know when I have one, but with UTIs it always gets worse through the day, not better. Also, I know it’s not bacterial vaginosis (which I’ve had recently and can cause UTI-like symptoms – fun fact), because the smell would be coming from my vagina, and in this case it is definitely coming from the urine.

For the past few days I’ve been doing some research on this to see if I can figure out what’s going on. Trying to link my candida die off symptoms with painful urination yielded virtually no result other than candida infections, if left unchecked, can cause UTIs. My naturopath, Donna, mentioned that my smelly urine was a sign that I was killing off candida, and I didn’t think it was a coincidence that my symptoms took off when I doubled my probiotic (at Donna’s instruction, mind you). I also found this article which confirmed that having candida in your system can increase the acidity of your body and cause cancer (thank goodness I’m clearing out my system now!!). So here’s my theory (note, I’m not a doctor, just a person very interested in how the body works):

Throughout the day and night, my body is working hard to kill off candida, and, more importantly, CLEAR it out along with the other toxins and chemicals I pick up throughout the day. Candida releases dozens of neurotoxins when it dies off, which make you crave sugar, and generally feel like poo. The liver picks up some, and the kidneys pick up a lot as well. These toxins make urine very acidic, which can cause irritation during urination (?). Overnight, I’m not drinking water, so my body is stuck with the amount of water it has. This means that the urine is incredibly concentrated (strong smell) as well as incredibly irritating. During the day’s first urination, a small amount of urine stays in the urethra, causing the first urination to be painless but causing the urethra to be irritated. While I’m awake, I’m drinking lots of water to flush out the toxins, which dilutes the urine down to a more reasonable pH. This flushes out the urethra repeatedly, and allows the irritation to subside, causing a few painful urinations that gradually get less painful.

Just a theory. A similar theory poses that the toxins are the sole cause of urination, not affecting pH.

Regardless, I brought up my weird symptoms with Donna to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Sure enough, she is convinced that I am just killing candida left and right, and that is causing my symptoms. She’s confident that it will get much better over the next few days, and if it doesn’t, I can always back down the probiotic.

I also think the reason why things got more out of hand this weekend is because it was a long weekend, and though I still ate well, I did have one or two slight cheats (hash browns on Monday come to mind). I also didn’t have time to work out since I was busy helping my mom with home repairs (the caulk in her shower was a disaster, so I had to try to fix it). In addition to those reasons, I also wasn’t at work, so I wasn’t drinking any detox tea or even enough water probably.

After working out last night, drinking lots of detox tea yesterday at work, and hydrating the heck out of my system, I’m tentatively feeling better today. I wanted to write this post though so that somewhere on the internet, candida die-off and painful urination are linked so that someone out there knows that they’re not going through it alone. If I didn’t know better, the first sign of a UTI would have sent me to do the doctor for antibiotics, which is the LAST thing you should do.  If you’re just starting a candida cleanse, and are experiencing painful urination, you aren’t alone!

Thanks for reading! Stay healthy, friends!


2 thoughts on “Candida Die-Off = Painful Urination?

  1. Thank you for article. I am currently 2 weeks into my candida diet and now am experiencing somewhat painful and stinky urination with 1st pee. I was concerned with the smell and relieved to know it is most likely candida die-off. I will definitely try exercise and detox tea, and of course more water to help with the toxins. Thanks again!!!

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