Eirene – My Peace Lily

Peace lilies are incredibly common house plants, mostly due to their hardy nature, their stunning dark green foliage in stark contrast to their bright which blooms. Similar to the snake plant, peace lilies are known for their powerful air filtration, and it is often recommended to have 5 or 6 peace lilies in each room for truly clean air. They mostly idiot-proof as well, as they will droop visibly when they need water, only every couple of weeks.

I purchased a peace lily two years ago, named Eirene after the Irish goddess of peace. After the original blooms faded, I’ve yet to get blooms again, and there has rarely been new foliage. I had some white fly problems with the other plants in my home, so, like the rest of my plants, my peace lily was covered in bug spray routinely. The bug spray made my lily’s leaves sticky, and the dust just stuck to it.

I recently decided to move my peace lily to my office, since my mom didn’t have much space anymore, and peace lilies thrive in low light conditions (that’s also where they get their most beautiful dark foliage!). The leaves were so covered with dust and bug spray that their normally shiny, waxy coating was completely matte. I was ashamed by how much I’ve neglected my poor Eirene.

The first thing I did was grab some mild hand soap from the kitchen, water, and boatloads of paper towels. I then proceeded to wash all of the leaves BY HAND. Every single one, top and bottom! This work was some of the most gratifying plant work I’ve done in a really long time, and it was what started my recent plant kick. It felt so good to get rid of all of the dust and chemicals that were suffocating my poor plant! After each leaf was washed, they shined like new pennies. I swear I could see my reflection!

It’s been a week since I washed her down, and I’ve been misting her daily to simulate a humid environment that she’ll like. Her leaves have lost a bit of their shine, but she still looks vibrant and healthy! Since just cleaning her leaves last week, I’ve spotted three new leaves coming up! Here’s a picture of her:

Eirene and her shiny green leaves!
Eirene and her shiny green leaves!

One other realization that hit me is that she hasn’t been re-potted since I originally got her. She has several ‘crowns’ in her pot, which means that there are actually multiple peace lilies in the pot. I’m still debating whether I want to break them up or not. I’ve read that it can be kind of a shock to the plant, and I don’t want to do too much too fast. So, I think I’ll make the decision when I repot her and take a look at her roots. I’ll save that adventure for next weekend!

This time around, I’m going to use moisture control potting soil, rocks for drainage, and when she’s been potted, I’m going to shower her! I’ve got a hand held shower, and I’m going to rinse off her leaves to simulate her native tropical environment!

Thanks for reading! I’ll make another post when I replant her! Stay healthy friends (and plants)!


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