Focus T25 – Beta Week 4 Results!

Hello! I have to say, I was surprised at this weeks results. From Wed. to Fri., I went on a minor cleanse again, eating 1100-1300 calories based on the Fast Track meal plan. I felt a lot better by the end of Friday, but was also RAVENOUS by the end of the 3 day stint, mostly because I was still kicking my own butt during the workouts. That being said, I also got a new tape measure that creates its own consistent tension, so my other measurements went up, which I expected. But, without further ado, here are my results!

Weight: 199.8 (-3.2)

Waist: 35.5 (+0.5)

Hips: 45.5 (+0.75)

Bust: 39.4 (-1.6) (I have NO idea what happened here, but I guess that’s where I lost some weight!)

Under Bust: 35 (-0.25)

Right Arm: 13.3 (+0.2)

Left Arm: 12.9 (+0.3)

Right Thigh: 24 (-0)

Left Thigh: 23.75 (+0.25)

Body Fat: 41.8% (+1.4, entirely due to my waist and hip measurements going up)

Overall, though, I’m pleased 🙂 Also, I HIT MY TWENTY POUNDS LOST MARK!!!! Since I started at 220.2, I’m officially down 20.4 lbs from where I started 🙂

That being said, this week I’m focusing on keeping my nutrition healthy and wholesome, and under 1600 calories. Also, Sylvia is out of town this week, so we decided that we were going to repeat week 5 next week so that we can finish Focus T25 together!

Here are my before and after pictures for this week! I think the one where I face front and twist is one of my favorite pictures of me EVER 🙂

LS 13-14

RS 13-14

Twist 13-14

Back 13-14

BF 13-14

FF 13-14

Front 13-14

There you have it! My results for this week! Tomorrow’s Tuesday Tidbits is probably going to be short and sweet, so I’ll be talking to you again tomorrow!

Stay healthy, my friends!


3 thoughts on “Focus T25 – Beta Week 4 Results!

  1. Good for you for working out but forgive me when I say this but I don’t really see a lot of difference in your before & afters ?

    1. Hello Cindy, and thanks for commenting! Yes, the results are not very obvious on a week to week basis, but there are subtle changes every week that culminate when you look at before and after results after several weeks. For example, my before and after results for Beta phase, or for the entirety of Focus T25! Be sure to check those out!

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