Focus T25 – Alpha Results!!

Well everyone! My results are in! I didn’t lose much this past week because my diet wasn’t perfect, but I’ll list those results, and then the final results from Alpha phase of Focus T25!

Weekly results:

Weight: 204.6 (-1.8)

Waist: 35.5 (-0.25)

Hips: 45.3 ( -0.2)

Bust: 40.75 (-0)

Under bust: 34.75 (-0)

Right arm: 13 (-0)

Left arm: 12.4 (-0.2)

Right thigh: 23.9 (-0.1)

Left thigh: 23.5 (-0.25)

Body fat %: 41.2 % (-0.8%)

And now (drumroll please) here are my losses from the entirety of Alpha!

Weight: 9.4 pounds

Waist: 3 inches

Hips: 1.7 inches

Bust: 1.75 inches

Under bust: 1.75 inches

Right arm: 0.6 inches

Left arm: 0.8 inches

Right thigh: 1.1 inches

Left thigh: 1 inch

Body fat %: 5% body fat lost!!

And there you have it! I’m tickled pink with my results, and I know Beta phase is going to be even better! I feel great, in control, and like my life is moving in a good direction! As a bonus, here are my before and after pictures for Alpha phase! I’m amazed at how much thinner my face is!

Back Alpha

BF Alpha

FF Alpha

Front Alpha

LS Alpha

RS Alpha

Twist Alpha

I hope you found these pictures inspirational! Stay healthy, my friends!


4 thoughts on “Focus T25 – Alpha Results!!

    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement! You can do it too! I always thought that I was destined to be a large woman, but I found that even I could turn my life around! Take lots of before and after pictures and you’ll be amazed at the change you see in yourself!

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