Week 3 – Focus T25 Results!

Hello everyone! I’m absolutely thrilled with this week’s results! Without further ado, here are my measurement results!

Weight: 207.8 (-1.6)

Waist: 36 (-1)

Hips: 45.75 (-0.5)

Bust: 41.25 (-0.5)

Under Bust: 35.25 (-0.25)

Right Arm: 13 (-0.25)

Left Arm: 12.6 (-0.2)

Right Thigh: 24.25 (-0.25)

Left Thigh: 24.2 (-0)

Body Fat: 42.4 (-0.8%, correction to last week’s post, my body fat last week was 43.2% and not 44.5%)

Yes, you read that correctly. I lost everywhere except my left thigh. I lost a total of 2.35 lbs of fat and gained 0.75 lbs of lean body mass. Also, I lost 2.95 inches!! To make things even better, my waist to hip ratio is finally normal, which means that my risk for complications that stem from high amounts of fat in the gut are now significantly lower! And now, as promised, here are some before and after pictures (please try to not run away screaming as I am wearing a bikini :D):

Front 78

FF 78

Back 78

BF 78

LS 78

LSF 78

RS 78

RSF 78

FT 78

There are some before and after pictures that absolutely blew me away when I looked at them! I hope these results encouraged you to be fitter!

So, to recap the weekend. I had every intention of being good on Saturday, and I was good until Sylvia accidentally accepted her coworker’s invitation to go out for drinks and knew that I would need to be there to help her not get too out of control. Instead, we went out with a couple of friends and had a great night out… plus 3 drinks. I did shots to attempt to save on calories, but the bottom line is that Sunday, I wasn’t feeling well at all. I was incredibly nauseous and tired all day, and ended up over indulging on cookies. I drank lots of water and made sure to get a full night’s sleep, but I’m still a little tired and nauseous today. I’m hoping that working out and eating right today will put me right back on track!

Well, everyone, that’s where I stand! Stay healthy!


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